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Welcome to lotrth20in20

Hello and welcome to lotrth20in20!

This community is a 20in20 icon challenge for the movies of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit and a mirror for the community already available on Dreamwidth: [personal profile] lotr20in20.
Since this is a mirror community, it will start at the same round number as the one on Dreamwidth. That is with the round 06 voting and the complete round 07.

Currently the following claim options are available:
- specific characters
- (potentially) groups of minor characters (e.g. The Sackville Bagginses, Elves [focusing on minor characters], Riders of Rohan, Orcs...): there's no limit for icons of single characters
- (potentially) pairings: all characters must be present in at least a certain amount of icons (most likely 15 or so)

Minor characters in this sense would be those without enough screentime to offer enough (differing) source images to fit all the given prompts.

How will the mirror communities work together?

Sign Ups will be open on both communities and pile together as one list. Please be honest and only sign up once - it doesn't matter on which side you do.

If you have a journal both here and there, feel free to post any finished sets in both locations. I probably won't crosspost icons, but I do tend to update the sign up list with the submitted links. I might add links on the reminder posts, if I remember to do that

The voting posts will be posted to both communities and the votes will be added together.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment!

Mod Notice

In addendum to the last post over a year ago, I've closed all the open voting posts. Sadly (aside from the left over ties), 2 out of 3 rounds also feature missing icons (due to Photobucket's change of service). As such I won't be posting winner posts for these.

As I said in the previous post, if anybody is interested in starting this community up (with or without the mirror community on Dreamwidth), I'd be happy to hand it over!
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Mod Notice: New Mod Wanted!

It's quite obvious that my time is currently limited. LotR/The Hobbit has (sadly) gone down in the "hit"list of my current fandoms. I've considered various options for this community. I don't just want to abandon it, but I don't really want to give it away to someone else as it's kind of my baby so to speak.

However, I've finally come to a point where I'd rather hand it over to be run by someone who's got more time and is more invested in LotR/The Hobbit than to see it die.

So, if anyone is interested, please let me know! To do so, you can either comment on this post or send me a pm.
I've got templates for sign up, rules & info and voting posts and am willing to share those. But I don't mind if things end up being changed :)
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Round 30: Category + Artist's Choice Voting

• In the first part of the poll you must vote for your favourite ONE (1) sets. (order of preference doesn't matter)
• In the second part of the poll you must vote for your favourite THREE (3) icons. (order of preference doesn't matter)
• Set #'s are located to the left and icon numbers above the icons.
• I know there are a lot of icons but please don't skim the entry. For a fair vote all icons should be looked at.
• Vote fairly and without bias. The quality of the icon is what you're voting for.
• Don't vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.

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