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Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit 20in20
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Welcome to lotrth20in20!

Being idle and in love with making Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit icons, I thought that the fandom was in desperate need of a 20in20 community. Especially on dreamwidth. What better way than to create my own :) ([personal profile] lotr20in20)

After some time I was asked to mirror the community on Livejournal and here we go :)

I hope you all enjoy the rounds & prompts! I also hope that I'll be able to get everything done in a timely manner as I appear to add to the communities I mod all slowly, but surely!

• There is one claim per person.
• Icons should be completely NEW. That means no previous work or bases can be used.
• Icons should fit the LJ standard of no larger than 40kb and be saved as either .png, .gif or .jpg.
• Unless otherwise prompted, there shouldn't be any animation.
• Icons should be posted before voting goes up.
• You can post either to the community or with a link to your entry. There should be no more than three (3) preview icons!
• Posts outside of the community should be public so everybody can see them and I can include them in the voting!
• Posting here is moderated. I'll give our best to approve them within 24 hours.
• When voting, be fair and don't vote for yourself.
• When voting, please focus on the quality of the icon and not because you like/dislike the maker, the pairing or characters displayed.

For further rules and questions, please check out the Sign-Up, Info and Voting posts of the current round or the FAQ Post. Don't be afraid to ask questions!
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challenges timeline
Challenges will feature the following:

Themes: There will be 10 different themes and you will make 1 icon per prompt.
Category: There will be 1 main prompt for which you will make 5 icons. It may have more specific instructions for the single icons (e.g. main prompt: "rainbow" with 5 single colours given to be used on the separate icons)
Artist's Choice: These are the last 5 icons to be made. They are whatever you want them to be.

I'm trying to use different prompts every time to make this as exciting as possible :D
• Prompts posted: 1st day of a month
• Icons due: 20th of the month
• Voting: 21st of the month
• Sign Ups for next round: 21st of the month
• Results: between 25th and 30th*

*depends on number of votes and ties (especially when tie breakers need to be posted)
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